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Best Facrbook Marketing agency in Dhaka bangladesh.

You Should Have know How many  Facebook User in the world. 

 there are over 2.483  billion active users monthly In the world. Facebook is a simply too big to Improve your business in a short time, Exact Area of your organization thats a part a part of your digital marketing communications program.

In Bangladesh 94.12% of Facebook users, and they’re 55% user age over 30 years old, 

1.56 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users.Five new profiles are created every second.

Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes.

DOELTECH Facebook marketing

Best Facebook Marketing Pricing in Dhaka Bangladesh.

                                Particular  s /dettails 

Profile Picture/Logo

1200 BDT

Cover Photo (Banner)

1000 BDT

                             About/Story (300-500 words)
                                         500B DT
                            Page Create /page optimization 

2500 BDT

                            post mange
                                         500 BDT

Facebook Boosting Pricing


No of Day’s 

Target $ 

Taka BDT

        Sunrises packages 

10 day’s


3000 BDT.

Moon Packages 

20 day’s


              10000 BDT.

ALL Price are Excluded Vat, Tax, Etc.

100% Pre-paid system all payment,   

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