Email Campaign

Email Campaign

E-Mail Services

Email marketing services will save you money and give you a great return on your investment. E-mail services allow you to create marketing materials that you can send directly to your contacts. Often these materials can be enhanced with product or website links, providing great chances for transactional marketing. Plus, ads and newsletters sent through email marketing services are incredibly easy for your contacts to share with others because you can add built-in Like and Tweet buttons. These elements also help build your social media following.

Another benefit of bulk email marketing is specific reporting on how successful a campaign is. You’ll get customized reports about which marketing tools are working and what needs to be improved. You can even use a mass email service to test customer retention and loyalty by sending special discounts to repeat customers

Why Email Marketing?

  • Few reason why email marketing still effective for your business promotion
  • Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.
  •  Email have far more space for content than text messages, allowing for better marketing pieces.
  •  It’s an effective way to keep customers informed.
  •  It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics.
  •  To sum up the best reason to use email marketing: It’s easy, effective, inexpensive and you can use both picture and text.
  • Cost effective.
  • Specific Clients area.
  • 80-90% inbox delivery.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • Spam and bounce detector 1 by 1 email sending system.
  • SMTP server with dedicated IP
  • 15000+ satisfied clients worldwide.
  • Free consultancy for better advertisement.
  • Picture can add in body. No need to attachment
  • Automatically email delivery by Email marketing software.
  • All verified email. We use our customized software to verify all em

Our Database

Category & Area: Corporate Employer and companies, CTO, CEO, Managing Director, BD club members. Organization Members BGMEA, BASIS, FBCCI etc. Different company owner, directors, School, College, University Teachers and Students.

Corporate Packages:

PackageDurationPrice Taka 
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address1 time 3 days12,000
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address 2 times 6 days 22,000
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address 3 times 9 days30,000
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address5 times 12 days  50,000
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address 6 times 15 days60,000
Corporate 6 Lac Mail address twelve times 18 days1,10,000

Regular Packages:

PackageDuration Price Taka
Regular 10 Lac mail address1 time 30 Days18,000
Regular 10 Lac mail address2 times 2 months 34,000
Regular 10 Lac mail address 4 times 3 months 50,000
Regular 10 Lac mail address6 times 6 months65,000
Regular 10 Lac mail addresstwelve times One year2,00,000
Email marketing Requirements:
  • Email body (Content may be picture or plain text or picture, text both or html format).
  • Email subject (Not more than 80 characters).
  • Company name (Not more than 40 characters).
  • Email address.
Some important information:
  • You can ensure your email marketing from the report or visiting our office or from response.
  • We do not provide email database report
  • We do not sale email address. We only send email by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the email marketing only from our office.
What you will get in report?
  • How much email delivered in INBOX
  • How much email delivered in SPAM
  • How much email undelivered
  • Report will generate within 24 hours after complete the full marketing
  • You can ensure your email marketing from the report or visiting our office or from response.
  • We do not provide email database report.
  • We can operate the email marketing only from our office.
  • Design charge 2500 taka (if needed).
  • Client must provide All content with work order.

Payment Procedure:

  • (1) 100% advance payment
  • Account Name: DOELTECH
  • Account Number: 1222-1220-021-3063
  • Address: Joar shahara Nikunja-2, Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh
  • Account Number: 115-110-26673
  • Address: Darussalam Road Mirpur-1. Dhaka-1216

PRIME INTERNATIONAL” Account Pay Cheque or Cash. Prime International is the sister concern of DOELTECH LIMITED.


You can also do Payment by Bkash.

  • Dial *247#
  • Choose Send Money
  • Enter Number: 01717658084. Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Now enter your bKash Mobile PIN

Email Campaign